Monday, July 7, 2014

The Fourth in Pictures

Happy Fourth Seventh of July! 
Most people, including myself had a long weekend and are likely still trying to figure out why they are at work while drinking copious amounts of caffeine to stay awake and concentrate on the day ahead. Or maybe you're still at home in your pajamas because you are very smart and took today off work. And in that case, you're my hero. 
My husband was out of town for the holiday weekend, so I headed south to Coronado (one of my all time favorite towns in SoCal) to hang out with some friends and experience the island on America's birthday. So many people have raved about Coronado's fourth of July activities so I had to see it for myself. 
I headed out Thursday night, Luna in tow and dressed for the occasion.
The parade was awesome and so was the weather (I wasn't expecting anything less). Nothing disappointed! There were also trillions of people lining the street, proving that this was definitely the place to be.
Luna came to the parade for a little bit, apparently it was just the right amount of time to exhaust her.
Our friends little boy helped to pick out Baby Rice's Fourth of July outfit for next year. Seriously, the cuteness... I can't. I just CAN. NOT.
After the parade, this pregnant woman was exhausted. And apparently so was the one and a half year old. So we all rested for a few hours before heading to the Yacht Club to BBQ and watch fireworks. Such a great view. I could get used to this.
Luna is going to be the best big sister. 
And last but not least, Happy Anniversary to my one and only!! I love ya, babe!


  1. Happy anniversary! Looks like you had a very festive weekend! :)

  2. That is the sweetest picture of Luna and that little boy! Happy Anniversary!

  3. Luna is so festive!! That outfit is adorable.


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