Monday, August 4, 2014

What kind of girl are you?

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With #babyrice2014 making her debut in 8.5 weeks (eeeek!), I have been doing a lot of thinking about what she might be like. Is she going to be loud and sassy (and a little on the edge) like her mom? Or laid back and chill like her dad? Obviously, I hope she's a mix of both of us. Afterall, we both did make her (but let's not forget who is growing her ;). So I started thinking about me. What personality traits do I have? What kind of person have I become since I was young? What are my preferences?  

I'm the kind of girl who... a perfectionist. Probably to a fault. And probably tries too hard to always be organized.

...doesn't leave the house with some sort of make up on - usually this MAC foundation. Liquid gold I tell ya!

...has to wash her hair everyday. HAS. TO. (I consider it a curse - hopefully this baby does not get her mama's hair)

...always wants ice cream and always gets it.

...prefers to go to bed early and wake up early than stay up late and sleep the day away (this is where Jonathan and I disagree)

...hits the snooze button at least twice :-/ (I could probably work on this one)

...always makes to do lists. (I have one on my phone for all of my personal stuff and one at work for all work related stuff. Sometimes I overwhelm myself, ha!)

...LOVES crossing stuff off said to do list.

...laughs all the time. It's good for the soul.

...prefers comfortable shoes and clothes over uncomfortable heels (although you will find me in an uncomfortable dress and heels or wedges 50 percent of the time - I try to switch it up).

What kind of girl are you?

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  1. I really like crossing stuff off my to-do list too. So much so that I write stuff down on my list after I've already done it just so I can have more stuff crossed off! ;-)


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